Everyone is busy and ain’t nobody got time to eat healthy, right? WRONG. If your body is your temple, you better cherish it like you are Queen Nefertiti and not the Crypt Keeper. Lucky for you, you’ve got a pretty dope dietitian that can help you eat healthy, without slowing down your hustle.

1. Try a Food Diary App. Keeping track of what you eat and drink are great ways to stay healthy. Many free apps like My Fitness Pal, allow you to log in your food, beverages, exercise and track your weight.

2. Start with a Good Breakfast. We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it really is. Having a hearty breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates (like oatmeal or whole wheat bread) and a low-fat protein (like eggs and Greek yogurt) can set the tone for the rest of your workday. Not only does a good breakfast replenish the nutrients burned while sleeping, it also helps to keep energy up throughout the day. This means you’ll be more focused and can perform better.

3. Base Meals Around Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains. We all know that these foods are healthy for us. What you may not know is that they also keep you full for a longer amount of time. That means no embarrassing stomach growls in the mid-morning meeting.

4. Include a Good Source of Protein. Chicken, fish, legumes (like beans and chickpeas), eggs, dairy, and soy are not only great sources of protein, but are also amazing energy boosters to keep you going throughout the day

5. Decrease Liquid Calories. Choose more water instead of juice, sports drinks and sodas. Be mindful of beverages that can make you dehydrated, like coffee. Over time, dehydration can lead to fatigue, which can make you sluggish and irritable. If you dislike the taste of plain water, try infusing it with your favorite fruit overnight or drink flavored seltzer water.

6. Try Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as Snacks. Did you know the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables is 5 a day? It’s been shown that eating 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables each day may lead to added health benefits. So why not sneak them in as snacks? These nutrient rich foods are great on the go, especially when paired with protein. Think apples and peanut butter or carrot sticks and hummus. Simple, tasty and nutritious!

7. Do Your Best to Plan Ahead for Meals and Snacks. If you wait until you are hungry, there may not be any healthy choices around you to choose from. Taking an hour or so on the weekend to prepare for the upcoming week is the best way to do it. Try pairing up with your friends and prepping together. That way, it’s half the food cost and takes half the time to do it.

8. Focus on Your Food While You are Eating. For many, it’s difficult to resist the urge to multitask through lunch, but if you can, you absolutely should. Did you know you eat larger portions when you are not giving your full attention to what you are eating? Turn off the TV and computer. Put down the book, magazine and smart phone. Stay in the moment.

9. Get Groceries or Meals Delivered. The Gal on the Go may not have time to go grocery shopping. That doesn’t mean your health has to take a toll for it. Try grocery delivery services like Pea Pod, Fresh Direct and Instacart and have your items delivered directly to your place. Meal kits like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and Home Chef offer the whole meal in one box. They also have alternative options like vegetarian and gluten free.

10. When Eating Out, Choose Wisely. Yes, I know picking up something to eat seems like the easiest thing to do. Buyer beware! There are a lot of ways you can hit a roadblock when trying to eat healthy on the go. A few tips: Skip the bread, share big entrees or order an appetizer, avoid creamy sauces and dressings, buy baked or grilled and stop when you’re satisfied…not stuffed.

If you keep up with these 10 tips, your Girl on the Go status will turn quickly turn into ‘You go girl’ and your body with thank you for it.