CaShawn Thompson, a proud third-generation native of Washington, D.C. came up with the
concept of “Black Girls Are Magic” when she was a little girl growing up with her mother,
grandmother and aunts. The concept sprang forth fully formed from the mind of a poor
little Black girl who didn’t yet have the words to describe the brilliance she saw emanating
from the women in her family, but had heard countless tales of fairies, witches and
magicians. It was just magic to her. And it still is.

Black Girls Are Magic became wildly popular in 2013 after CaShawn began using the
phrase online (which was later shortened to the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic) to uplift and
praise the accomplishments, beauty and other amazing qualities of Black women. Then
came the t-shirts emblazoned with the “Black Girls Are Magic” logo, which have become a
perennial favorite among those that believe.

CaShawn believes in the phenomenal power and skill that Black women and girls possess.
She knows that Black women are the original influencers of culture around the world. Black
women and girls make everything or make everything better. Black Girl Magic and those
from whence it comes deserve to be revered, celebrated, exalted and protected. This is the
message that CaShawn wants to spread as an advocate through her blogging, speaking, as
well as social media engagement and making and maintaining space for other women like

Black Girls Are Magic” is more than a hashtag, or a slogan on a t-shirt; it’s a declaration of
the will, wonder and power of Black women and girls of every hue across the globe and a
reminder that you have within you the power to make manifest anything you desire.

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